3D Support / Flash Animation

Coca-Cola / ArgonautenG2

At this site the new Faithless music video was been introduced. To this occasion Coke sold a special designed aluminum bottle. My task at my first project at the Argonauten was overall the support of the team as a motion designer. Thus the whole development of the bottle design elements fell in my area of responsibility. Here I have orientated my design by the music video and have laid these objects in 3D onto the bottle. I also have spirited the jumping cap, as well as the flashy stripes circling around him in 3D and then in Flash. Because Maxi couldn´t come to the Shooting I had to fake his person. The body that I used is mine. The head is clipped out from an interview film and putted onto my body in Flash with a random recurring animation loop.
New York Festivals Innovative Advertising Award: Non-Alcoholic (silver)
Design (bronze)
Digital Media (gold)
Consumer Products (gold)

New York Festivals International Advertising Awards
Best use of medium/Microsite (gold)
Non-Alcoholic (gold)
Overall Website Design (gold)

Art Directors Club Websites/ Microsites (bronze)
Deutscher Mulitmedia Award (gold)

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